10 Facts About the State of Georgia

The state of Georgia is located in the southern part of the United States. This state has a warm climate and is known for growing peaches. There are other interesting things about the state of Georgia that many people do not know. These are 10 facts about the state of Georgia.


.1 Georgia was founded in 1732 by James Oglethorpe who was a member of the British Parliament. The state was supposed to be an area where felons would live if they were unable to pay their fines and other debt. He wanted the felons to be able to live a new life and learn how to function in society with the proper support and assistance.


.2 In addition to peaches there is other forms of produce that Georgia is known to produce. They are known for their pecans and peanuts. This state also produced Vidalia onions. These onions are said to be the sweetest onions in the world. You can check out the list of cut flowers too!


.3 The largest drive-in restaurant in the world is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The restaurant is called The Varsity and it is over two acres long. It can hold up to 600 vehicles.


.4 Georgia has an interesting celebration on New Year’s Eve. In Tallapoosa, Georgia over 4,000 people head out to see the taxidermy opossum lowered instead of a light up ball. The stuffed opossum is lowered from the tallest building in town. This is an all-night celebration complete with live music, firework, and the crowning of the Possum King and Queen of the celebration.


.5 Atlanta, Georgia is considered to be the birthplace of the Civil Right Movement back in the 1960s. Martin Luther King Jr.’s home is still standing today. A person can drive by Auburn Ave. and see this home.


.6 The city of Atlanta was burnt down by General Sherman and the Union Army during the Civil War. After the war ended the city was rebuilt. Now the city uses the symbol of the Phoenix to show that it rose from the ashes to become great again.


.7 The Augusta National Golf Club is the home to the Masters Tournament every year. This club was rejected to host the U.S open so they created the Augusta National Invitational which later became the Masters Tournament. The first event was held back in 1934 that Bobby Jones who has previously given up the game of golf decided he wanted to play and be part of it.


.8 The city of Atlanta has over 55 streets that are named Peachtree. While this honors the native people it makes it hard for tourists to get around. According to historians this name was given to honor the Native American village of Standing Pitch Tree. This was a settlement that was located outside of Atlanta. It has nothing to do with the fruit.


.9 Georgia has some interesting laws. If a funeral director uses profanity in front of the corpse they can lose their license.


.10 At the top of Stone Mountain a person can see some live shrimp. The mountain is 1,682 feet above sea level. The stone has several depressions which traps rainwater and allows animals to live there.


These are some interesting facts about the state of Georgia. The weather makes this state an attractive place to visit and now a person can know a little more about the state.